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Electronic Design Consultants provides electronic product development services, and ISO 9002 production capabilities including domestic and offshore. We can help you define your product; design the appearance, housings, and electronic controls; and fabricate prototype assemblies. Once you are ready for production, we can develop the tooling and produce your circuit boards or complete product assemblies.

If you donít require full product development, Electronic Design Consultants will provide the same quality services at the sub-system or component level. We will work with the same enthusiasm on your project no matter how small a part it has in the overall system or product. It may be that all you need is help with ESD or EMI/EMC testing, or with UL approval and Intrinsic Safety. Do you have a mechanical component that structurally fails? We can do FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to see where the stress points are and recommend design changes.

Electronic Design Consultants is a networked consulting firm that can provide solutions to any of your needs. If we donít have the expertise in-house, we know the experts who do and will act as project management to pull together all the resources your project needs. Do you have a unit manufacturing cost problem? We can provide quality, offshore production of circuit boards and products, even for low volume quantities that will give you the competitive edge.

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